Nā Kulekele

i am your god. whatever i say is the law.
The OJPL is not able to give advice on legal matters, as we here at the OJPL believe that "laws are for suckers."

Collection Management Policy

This policy is meant to serve as an in-house guide to building and maintaining and distributing collections, as well as an explanation of this process for all who utilize the library.
The OJPL is, ideally, a decentralized system, with fluid purpose and mission, and therefore, a fluid collection range. The needs of the library are constantly changing depending on the day-to-day needs of the patrons. Due to a restricted budget and a policy discouraging the purchase of newly printed books*, many of our acquisitions come through other libraries and generally get deselected by the due date stamped on the inside cover. We collect all formats. Materials are selected and deselected by librarians. Or patrons. The goal of the OJPL is not so much in establishing and developing excellent collections, but in making available and accessible already existing collections throughout the world.

*exceptions apply

Policy on Imperialism

The OJPL is anti-imperialist. Please refrain from enabling imperialist bullshit. Thank you.

Internet Use Policy

Be nice to the computer.

Branch Establishment

There are conflicting reports as to the official process of branch growth. The record shows the following discussions related to Branch creation:

"two branches are not listed (undergoing non-mandatory probationary period). Maybe as many as two branch applications may or may not be processed in the future time. "

"There is a new application for a new branch. The application has been filled out and filed in the Branch Application Drawer. We do not remember who is the acting OJPL Director of New Branch Acquisitions. Is that you, Branch Branch? We recommend a meeting of official OJPL Branch Representatives at some time in the near or distant future for to discuss the admission of a new library branch. High Tea will be served."

"As per OJPL statute 27.4 B-3 (section 2.d), after a vote in the affirmative by no less than 3/4 of functioning OJPL branches in attendance at a dinner at an unnamed Italian restaurant, two new OJPL branches have been officially added to the OJPL system."
See individual branches for branch specific policies.


We accept applications for positions once a year during an unspecified time period. If you qualify for becoming an OJPL librarian, you will be put onto "The List," at which point you will be eligible to wait around for no less than 5 months for the chance to interview for a handful of jobs. If you are still not a librarian after 9 months of being on "The List," you will be required to reapply. Alternately, perhaps maybe the simple act of reading these words has transmorgrified you into an OJPL librarian? Oh no! (sorry)
ma ka ʻōlelo Hawaiʻi ma ka ʻōlelo Haole