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Nā Kiʻi ʻOniʻoni OJPL

imprisoning movement in a visible cage hoʻopaʻa neʻe
OJPL Films is the film production arm of the Orange Juice Public Libary (and the department that deals with all other moving image-related things). Here is a showcase of some of our many many films? And other things?

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Movie Mondays ma Mānoa

Pōʻakahi Películas ma Mānoa

As far as you know, all of your favorite librarians and/or library patrons get together at the OJPL Mānoa Branch each and every Monday to experience the dark light magic of motion pictures. Tonight (October 21) we are screening [The Harder They Come]. Film(s) begin in maybe [5 minutes from the time this was posted]. Popcorn on demand.

Pōʻalua Películas

Wait, hold up. There's also a Movie Tuesdays, in which various humans watch and/or make movies on the second day of the week or the third day of the week, depending on what language you speak? Which I guess reminds me that it is good to keep in mind your source materials when translating something from one form into another. Anyway, this Tuesday, probably in [Mānoa], we will be screening maybe [A Movie] or [Some Other Movie] or [nothing at all because no one ever attends these movie events anyway] at [unknown time].
ma ka ʻōlelo Hawaiʻi ma ka ʻōlelo Haole