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Nā Mea Pāʻani OJPL, e Like Me Kēia

here be games. and such. eia nā mea pāʻani. e laʻa me kēia.

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Májiàng set and book
  • Májiàng 麻将

    Ke Kōmike Mea Pāʻani is pleased to announce the OJPL Games and Such Májiàng game will be taking place at the OJPL Mānoa Branch this afternoon at 4:30ish. This is a regularly scheduled semi-weekly game that will always be occurring on the day that you are reading this, assuming that you are reading this on the day that it is occurring. The time might be not the same, though. Thus is the nature of games.
  • Generic Game Night

  • OJPL International Foosball Tournament

    Does not exist.

Community Theatre

Game Information

Please contact games [at] ojpl [dot] org for game maps and such.
ma ka ʻōlelo Hawaiʻi ma ka ʻōlelo Haole