OJPL Music

Nā Mele OJPL

music? yes, is good for the digestion nā mele? ʻae, maikaʻi no ka naʻau
OJPL Music is the music production arm of the Orange Juice Public Library. Also, it does other stuff? I don't know. I'm tired.

The Librarians

The official in-house band of the OJPL, The Librarians formed some time in the past probably and release albums every now or then. Version 1.0 of their latest album, I Don't Care, I Love You, features various musical songs. With musical instruments? The Librarians perform regularly at the OJPL Mānoa Branch. Do they only play in libraries? Do you have to be a librarian to be part of the band? Nobody knows. I don't think this band really exists.

OJPL Karaoke

OJPL Karaoke MachineA very recent addition to the OJPL Music world. Perhaps maybe there will be regular karaoke nights one day? In the future?

Albums from The Librarians

I Don't Care, I Love You album cover

I Don't Care, I Love You

Finished towards the end of year 5778, I Don't Care, I Love You [version 1.0] is probably either very good or very bad, depending on your musical tastes. But sheesh, cut us some slack, we're just a poor imaginary library system. It's not like we can afford to hire professional musicians or whatever. Featuring the hit singles Non-human Friends and Just Desserts. Download here?

OJPL Radio

Hoʻolele Leo

As far as we know, the OJPL does not have its very own pirate radio station. But the division of Hoʻolele Leo is probably responsible for all of the audio content produced by the OJPL, such as the OJPL audio books which are produced in conjunction with OJPL Publishing. Does this still-forming Hoʻolele Leo division exist under the OJPL Music umbrella? or perhaps vice versa? Maybe one day there will be an OJPL Podcast? Ha ha, no. We're just kidding. There will NEVER be an OJPL Podcast.

Music Facilitation

Please contact music [at] ojpl [dot] org to schedule music facilitation sessions.
ma ka ʻōlelo Hawaiʻi ma ka ʻōlelo Haole