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Mokuna ʻEkolu : The Princess of Lions is an excerpt from Are You Buying This Shit? : A Mainstream Novel.

The Princess of Once Mighty Cats

once more with the growth by internal disjunction

   “Hey there.”
   “Oh, hey. Well, what do you think?” asked Sadie. “Not bad, right? I mean, this is good fucking writing, right?”
   “Dude, watch your language. There be childrens afoot maybe. Or, um, young adults.”
   “Oh,” said Sadie. “You are worried about the old gatekeepers, eh? Well, if our audience has made it thus far, they can withstand a bit more of the, um, content for mature audiences. I’m more concerned about our choice of ʻōlelo.”
   She then yawned and went to sleep, because she didn’t have anything she needed to do.
This section is currently being written. [ma ka ʻōlelo Hawaiʻi]
E kākau ana i kēia mokuna i kēia manawa. [in the English language]