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Are You Buying This Shit? : A Mainstream Novel is the flagship novel of Ke Kahawai Nui Hou.
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   I think you are forgetting something, she said. That is why we left you this note. You know, this note that contains this message. The one that you are reading at this very moment. The note said this: ʻO ʻoe kekahi māhele oʻu. Mai paʻa i ka leo. It would appear that we were still learning how to communicate with ourselves. Or whatever. [these words do not actually appear in this novel, as such, so to speak]
This novel just drags on and on. It is very confusing as to its purpose. Its authors just cannot be bothered to put forth effort into writing it, because what are they even writing for anyway? The compensation mechanism is just not quite what they were expecting, and anyway, hardly no one is even buying (this shit).