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Kālā no ke OJPL?

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Should OJPL Publishing register as a vendor?

$75 registration fee entitles you to one 30”x72” table at the 2019 Honolulu Print & Book Fair. OJPL Publishing has participated in this fair in 2016 + 2017 and this was fun maybe? This year's fair takes place Saturday, November 2, 2019, from noon to 9 pm in the new event space of Entrepreneurs Sandbox (sandboxhawaii.org) at 643 Ilalo Street, Honolulu HI 96813 in the Kakaʻako neighborhood of Honolulu. Assuming there is some level of encouragement in the wider OJPL community and that we meet our goal by sundown September 29th and that there are still slots available for the Fair, OJPL Publishing will register for a table where they will display a variety of physically manifest arts. Please don't send OJPL Publishing any money until you receive word that OJPL Publishing has officially registered and you have confirmed that this is not simply another one of the OJPL's devious get-rich-quick schemes. Please do go to the Honolulu P&B Fair regardless of whether OJPL Publishing actually participates because supporting local book and print arts is probably good.

pledged of $75 goal

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About OJPL Publishing

OJPL Publishing is the publishing division of the Orange Juice Public Library. It prints books and binds them together and sells them? At book fairs?

Participation in the Book Fair

See the vendor infosheet for general participation in the Print/Book Fair. If you would like to participate via OJPL Publishing (assuming we become a vendor), either by sharing a table, having something published for the Fair, or helping with planning/logistics/table design/bookselling/etc., contact Sadie Rosen at ojplpublishing at ojpl dot org.

Profits From The Book Fair

Any profits the OJPL receives from sales at the Print + Book Fair will go towards the OJPL Publishing Elite Stable of Print+Book Artists, the OJPL Publishing General Fund, The OJPL Future Acquisitions Fund, and/or towards supporting LGBTQIA2S+ library associates in their various quests to eat more junk food and/or access mind or body altering substances.

Pledge $1

Knish Level

Receive 1 knish* or one piece of art at equal or lesser value to be determined by the OJPL Committee of Is This Art?

*Must be on Oʻahu within the delivery radius of the OJPL Mānoa Branch during specified knish availablility days to receive a knish.

Pledge $5

Piano Concert Level

Donations at this level entitle you to one 10+ minute piano concert of completely original live* piano music performed by OJPL Librarians.

*Concerts can be accessed in person, via telephone, or over the Internet.

Pledge $10

We have reached maximum donors at this level.
Intangible Level

The rewards you receive at this level are both intangible and unknown. Surely the universe will reward you for your crime of supporting the imaginary book arts of the OJPL.

Pledge more than $10

Seriously? Don't you have better things to be spending your hard-earned and/or stolen money on? OJPL Publishing will not accept donations greater than $10 for this particular project. Donate to your local mountain and/or water protectors or a prison abolition group or splurge on some fancy organic vegetables at your local farmers market or food co-op or something.
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